Windows Downloads

Current Windows Client Versions

This is the standard install client, choose 1 of the 2 types downloads.

For ZOLL EKG users, the 64-bit is recommended. For Physio-Control EKG users, the 32-bit is required.

PCs with mobile already installed, can upgrade by downloading the “Update” version.

New/Reformatted PCs MUST download the “Full” version which includes EKG + pre-requisites such as Microsoft .NET 4.0 and SQL Server CE for versions < 4.0

Install the Full version if you get the ADO.NET / SQL Server 974247 (this is a Microsoft error, click the link to learn alternative methods to correct) or have other installation issues.

Mobile Administration Windows Service (not yet available for 4.0+)

You can now communicate and issue commands to your mobile clients in the field from  See the Release Notes for more information and installation instructions.

  • Windows Service – used to communicate with emsCharts even when Mobile is not running.
  • Diagnostic Tool – used to evaluate and ensure the proper installations have occurred and the processes are running. Use this if there is trouble with the mobile admin communication.

SQLCE Compact Edition – The Windows Service has a prerequisite of the SQLCE Compact Edition that is typically installed with the “FULL” version of emsCharts Windows above. It has been discovered that potentially 64-bit installs do not automatically install and when attempting to run the Windows Service you receive the following error:

mobile background service sqlcompact issue

You can download that file at Microsoft or via

Archived Versions

Here is a listing of available previous/archived versions. If a link no longer works, please let us know by contacting support. We may have removed that version.