Windows Downloads

Current Windows Client Versions

This is the standard install client, choose 1 of the 2 types downloads.

For ZOLL EKG users, the 64-bit is recommended. For Physio SDK v9.2 and Philips EKG users, the 32-bit is required.

Please refer to the emsCharts Help Guide for instructions to uninstall and install emsCharts for Windows.

PCs with mobile already installed, can upgrade by downloading the “Update” version.

New/Reformatted PCs MUST download the “Full” version which includes EKG + pre-requisites such as Microsoft .NET 4.0.

Install the Full version if you get the ADO.NET / SQL Server 974247 (this is a Microsoft error, click the link to learn alternative methods to correct) or have other installation issues.

Auto updates

Auto updates will only work for updating emsCharts for Windows version 4.2.0 to future versions. To auto update any previous 4.x version of emsCharts for Windows to version 4.2.0, follow the steps as outlined in   emsCharts for Windows 4.2.0   – use this file:

Mobile Administration Windows Service (not yet available for 4.0+)

You can now communicate and issue commands to your mobile clients in the field from  See the Windows Remote Admin Guide v3 for more information and installation instructions.

  • Windows Service – used to communicate with emsCharts even when Mobile is not running.
  • Diagnostic Tool – used to evaluate and ensure the proper installations have occurred and the processes are running. Use this if there is trouble with the mobile admin communication.

SQLCE Compact Edition – The Windows Service has a prerequisite of the SQLCE Compact Edition that is typically installed with the “FULL” version of emsCharts Windows above. It has been discovered that potentially 64-bit installs do not automatically install and when attempting to run the Windows Service you receive the following error:

mobile background service sqlcompact issue

You can download that file at Microsoft or via

Archived Versions

Here is a listing of available previous/archived versions. If a link no longer works, please let us know by contacting support. We may have removed that version.

The following are no longer supported. If required to reinstall on your machine, please contact ZOLL emsCharts support.

  • any version 3