Upload Trouble?

We’ve had some users report that during the upload process, their computer disconnects from the internet (switches Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi goes out of range, etc) and results in part of the chart uploading but the signatures/attachments/images not uploading to the web.

At the same time, we’ve had some users reporting they have saved the signatures but they did not get uploaded and there were no failures during the upload process.

In both cases, we need more information on what was on the device and we needed to handle the failed uploads better on the web site.

With that in mind, please see the following 2 links – a document which outlines the problems and “solutions” and the required patch to the mobile software.

emsCharts Mobile v3 – Dec 2013 Upload Patch

emsCharts Comm Patch 1213.zip

(If you need help installing the patch please see this document: emsCharts Mobile v3 File Update)