ZOLL Cloud EKG – Update

At this time importing ZOLL Cloud EKGs on emsCharts for Windows will only function correctly when EKG Report Image Type is set to Default (Leave as JPG, Bitmap).

Any EKGs imported with the setting set to either Single Image per PDF(multiple PDFs) or Multi-image PDF Document (single PDF) will show “Unexpected error” .

We are currently evaluating the work required to support the PDF import in the Windows application, but we don’t have an estimated delivery date to share with you yet.

How do I set EKG Report Image Type?

As an Administrator go to Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Web EKG Configuration

Click on ZOLL EKG Import Options

Scroll to the bottom of the window

Select Default (Leave as JPG, Bitmap)

ZOLL | emsCharts for Windows 4.1.0 Released

For more information on this release, see the official release notes

ZOLL Cloud EKG now available

IMPORTANT! To take advantage of the new emsCharts for Windows EKG Cloud Import functionality, you must first uninstall your existing version of emsCharts for Windows even if you are already on version 4. If you do not already have emsCharts for Windows installed, you can proceed with a normal installation.

Please refer to the emsCharts Help Guide for instructions to uninstall and install emsCharts for Windows.

ZOLL | emsCharts for Windows 4.1.0 Available on January 4th, 2022

For more information on this release, see the official release notes

New features/enhancements

  • ZOLL Cloud EKG: You can now import ZOLL EKG’s into emsCharts for Windows from RescueNet CaseReview. Learn how to import ZOLL EKG cases from the cloud into emsCharts for Windows.
    • emsCharts for Windows uses compressed EKG images, but once uploaded to emsCharts Web, they will be replaced with the original, full-sized images.
    • Streamlined ZOLL EKG device selection at shift start allowing availability of cases for that device during charting without choosing a device at the time of import.

  • Windows 11: emsCharts for Windows 4.1.0 is verified to run on Windows 11.