ZOLL | emsCharts for Windows 4.3 Released

For more information on this release, see the official release notes

Included in this release:

Fixed Issue

  • CAD: We fixed an issue that was preventing CAD updates from being processed in ZOLL emsCharts for Windows. The device searches for CAD updates once per minute. If an update is found, the CAD Update button will be highlighted and you can click it to import all the new data from CAD into the PCR.
  • Signatures: We fixed an issue that could cause signatures captured in ZOLL emsCharts for Windows to appear enlarged and pixelated when displayed on ZOLL emsCharts Web.
  • Data Validations:
    • When set to ‘Yes’, the chart Page 3 ‘Initial Glasgow Coma Score’ section now properly displays any Data Validation highlights.
    • When a Command Facility or Service has a Data Validation Rule that references a date/time being less than a value, that rule will now be evaluated correctly in ZOLL emsCharts for Windows. For example, a rule that states ‘Date Enroute’ is less than minus two minutes from ‘Date Dispatched’ (Date Enroute < -2 minutes from Date Dispatched).
    • Rules created using the Operator “Is Not One Of” now report true when one or more of the items selected are in the list. This change only affects ZOLL emsCharts for Windows Rule functionality.

For any known issues, please see the release notes page.

Single Sign-On with ZOLL Online

ZOLL emsCharts is moving to a Single Sign On solution for our users. This will allow you to have a single user name and password to access multiple ZOLL products including ZOLL emsCharts and ZOLL Online applications like Case Review Premium, ZOLL Billing, and Insights. The new authentication system will also provide additional enhancements in the future.

This release of ZOLL emsCharts for Windows allows us to start migrating customers to the new solution. This migration will extend over the next several months as we get all of our customers moved over. Your users will continue to use their existing login credentials and should not be significantly impacted by the migration. Once migrated, there will be some differences like using your PIN to log into Windows while you’re offline instead of using your password. We’ll highlight these changes for you as we continue to roll out the functionality and when we migrate your Service over.

At this time, the Single Sign-On does not apply to your agency unless you have been directly contacted by a ZOLL representative to participate in the initial migration.

For more information on what features of emsCharts for Windows are being affected, please see the official release notes above.

Auto update for Windows

You can use the auto update feature to remotely upgrade your emsCharts for Windows 4.x devices to v4.3

To configure auto updates, go to the Mobile V3 Auto Update Restriction code table under Service Configuration > Code Tables and add a new entry for Version 4.3 (64 and/or 32 bits) and set Allow Automatic Update to ‘Yes’. Your 4.x devices will receive a prompt to update.

Important! If your devices are on 3.x, you must uninstall 3.x first (this version is no longer supported) and then follow the emsCharts for Windows installation steps to upgrade them to 4.2.6 manually. If your devices are on 4.0 – 4.1, you must click here and follow these additional steps before setting up the auto update.