Security Update – Please Upgrade Devices by January 30th. 2022

The following was emailed to ZOLL | emsCharts for Windows Administrators on October 25th, 2021

By running a newer and supported version of ZOLL emsCharts for Windows, your agency takes advantage of new features, performance improvements, and most importantly, security updates.

Currently, we are supporting the two most recent versions of the product, which means we need you to ensure that your agency has upgraded all its devices to version 3.8.2 (released March 2021) or higher.

We strongly recommend all agencies switch to our newest version of the application here.

For a list of updates that have been provided since 3.8.2, please see the “What’s new” and “Previous release notes” sections of our ZOLL emsCharts Help Guide. To get the latest version of the ZOLL emsCharts for Windows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will soon be making changes to our network infrastructure for enhanced security purposes that will prevent utilizing unsupported versions of the software (anything prior to version 3.8.2).

Please make sure your agency has an upgrade plan and email ZOLL emsCharts support or call 1-866-647-8282 immediately for any questions. To ensure your ZOLL emsCharts for Windows application continues to operate, please ensure that all devices are upgraded by January 30th, 2022. You can locate your version by logging into ZOLL emsCharts for Windows, clicking the “Admin” tab and viewing the “Version” field (see below).

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