emsCharts for Windows v3.7.40 Released

New in this release

The following features and enhancements are now available.

  • Updated look and logos: We’ve updated the logos throughout the application to reflect our new brand and name. The product is now ZOLL | emsCharts for Windows. We’ll continue to refine our design over time. [TAB-74]

Fixed issues

We fixed the following issues with this release:

  • App crash on patient lookup: We fixed an issue where the application crashed when users attempted to use the patient lookup functionality. [TAB-303]
  • Support logs not attached to support tickets: Resolved an issue where logs from the device were not attached when support tickets were created and submitted. [TAB-345]
  • Unable to upload large EKGs: Fixed an issue where charts with large EKGs were unable to upload from Windows to the web. [TAB-572]
  • Night Mode caused patient record list to appear to be empty: Opening mobile in night mode and going to the patient page causes the charts to display as blank, although they’re still functional. [TAB-456]

  • App will not load when NFIRS unit field had more than 8 characters: When services were configured with an NFIRS unit that had more than 8 characters, the Windows application would not load. This field was not used in the Windows application but the character limit prevented the application from loading successfully. This issue was fixed in a hotfix that was deployed to production on 06/09/2020 and there were no known customers affected. [TAB-628]

Known issues

We’re currently working to resolve the following known issues.

  • Picklist options different on web and Windows. Some picklist values have different options available on the Windows application than on the web. Specifically, neurological and mental assessments are impacted, but there may be other assessment list affected by this issue as well. This issue does not affect the ability to select and save the data but can be confusing to agencies.
  • Device locks up on transfer to web. We are investigating reports of device lockups or failures during the transfer of charts from Windows to the web.
  • Adding Same Exposure to Multiple Crew Members. Added 9/21/2020. Upon selecting a crew member and a type of exposure (Contact…, Inhalation…, Injury… etc.) you cannot select the same type of exposure for multiple crew members.