Mobile 3.7.39 Released

Mobile 3.7.39 Released today, Thursday, May 14th.

Official Release Notes found: Mobile 3.7.39 Release Notes. Please see the Software Downloads page to download your appropriate version.

Please note the EKG requirements in red on that page.


New in This Release


Release Notes

Mobile: 32-bit and 64-bit versions Officially releasing a 64-bit version (MOB-62)

Improved in This Release


Release Notes

Mobile: P8 Activity Log – SaO2 Checkbox Requires Two Clicks to Check Corrected issue with SaO2 checkbox (MOB-61)
Gold/Legacy: Follow up procedures and diagnosis do not display post-Mobile upload Corrected saving on the Follow-up page for Procedure and Diagnosis (MOB-73)
Mobile Database Debug Settings (Keep the PCR on Device) There are new Service Mobile Configuration options named “Keep Charts” and “Keep Charts Expiration Days”

The options for “Keep Charts” include
0 – Default behavior, delete charts on upload
1 – Keep charts on upload, make visible to user
2 – Keep charts on upload, make invisible to user

“Keep Expiration Days”
For expiration, it checks on startup for any charts that are due to expire and deletes them. If no value is found for the expiration days, it defaults to never-expire.

These are configured service-wide on the web via Configuration >> Service >> Code Tables >> Mobile Configuration

Alternatively these can be configured in the emsChartsMobile.exe.config using the KeepCharts and ExpirationDays settings. This config file setting overrides the database settings. (MOB-67)

ZOLL Import fails for some types of EKGs Provides 64-bit support for large ZOLL EKG files (MOB-72)
Mobile v3 Printing Error Corrected printing issue due to some address fields used in reporting/data validation (MOB-79)