Bug fix to the HPI box released in this version.

Coming Soon: Ability to allow mobile to automatically update

As with other releases, please remember to be logged into the computer as a computer/network administrator and right-click “Run As Admin…” on the downloaded EXE file to ensure that permissions are properly set for your installation.

Mobile v3.7.25 Now Available

Release Notes to be published soon, here is a summary of the changes

  • Adds single quotes around the compare value if it’s not a Date/Time to correct bug when evaluating a LIKE operator in data validation
  • Created an “Update CAD chart” button found in the top right near the EKG import button. The purpose of this is to take a chart in mobile that was imported by the CAD importer and update it with additional information that may have been added later to the CAD data.
  • Data Validation Correction: Destination Basis and the Response/Referring mode descriptors weren’t highlighting properly and improved Data Validation by including additional fields
  • GCS Scores on Page 4 and Page 8 (Activity Log) now have updated names according to including a new “Non Testable” option which results in a score of zero.
  • Implemented Feature to Filter Units by Base Site. When a base is selected on Page 1, the units dropdown will only contain those assigned to that base or where the unit is not restricted to a specific base site.
  • Updated EKG Import libraries, now version
  • Updated the Receiving and Referring EMS view to correctly save the information.

Please see the links to the right to download your appropriate version.