V3.7.18 Released

The links to the right have been updated!


  • Full Version (for computers that never installed emsCharts Mobile v3 before)
  • Update Version (for computers with prior installation of emsCharts Mobile v3)

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

  • RASS Sedation Scale Corrected
  • Extended Number of Digits allowed for Patient weight to 4 decimal places (for grams)
  • With online configuration, mobile will redirect upload to Gold or Legacy.
  • Corrected Zip Code on patient page from dropping leading zeros. Ensured referring and receiving are correct as well.
  • Signing a Standard Signature when missing the receiving information WILL let you save the form and come back to lock when information is completed. Signatures do not need to be cleared first.
  • Standard Signature Section I header size increased to 4000 characters from 1000
  • Updated Mobile Admin functionality