Mobile v3.7.16 Released!

You can now download the release of Mobile v3.7.16 to the right.  Please remember the UPDATE version is the smaller install meant for computer which previously had emsCharts Mobile v3 installed. The FULL includes various Microsoft per-requesities.

Also, please remember to be logged into the computer as a computer/network administrator and right-click “Run As Admin…” on the downloaded EXE file to ensure that permissions are properly set for your installation.

The following updates were made:

  • Corrected Service vs. Command Facility Custom Times functionality
  • Exposure members will be correctly limited to crew members only
  • Ventilator I:E ratio corrected
  • General Extremities moved to own section instead of under Skin sub-menu
  • If CAD data is blank, maintains Dispatch page settings on new chart
  • All procedures have “Size” field, where applicable
  • Additional logging for EKG imports
  • Updated Employer address section
  • Smaller UI updates, including ACN, Back Assessment, and Follow-up page
  • Medication Save error corrected
  • NPASS Pain Scale Added