Mobile Downloads Status

We are upgrading the file server which means the mobile application and EKG add-ons are unavailable for download temporarily. These should be available later today and we will make another post at that time.

UPDATE 12/8/2015: The downloads were available on the weekend, but were down again today. We had a problem with a larger EKG download being available but we believe we have it sorted out. Other than an occasional reboot, the downloads are now available.

Patient Medication – Corrected

The patient medication issue was corrected.

At this time there are NO KNOWN uploading issues.

There are two known charting issues:

  1. Multiple hospitals in the same zip code could cause a problem if tabbing off zip code field
  2. Secondary complaint required to be enabled for HPI section to appear.

Both are being addressed for next release.

Also, there is one report unstable application and could cause crash while charting , notably during patient input. Cause is unknown but could be related to improper shutdown of operating system.

Patient Medication Issue

We currently see an issue with patient medications on mobile. Since it just appeared I believe it may have to do with a value in the database. It was reported to me this week, so we will address it soon.

For those using the “simple” medication box it appears to not open, for those using the “Extended” (Configuration >> Service >> Chart tab), it errors but allows you to select medications.

A new post will be made when corrected.