Mobile v3.7.3.2 Released

This release fixes two bugs that appeared over the past few months. Both were inconsistent in being repeated:

  1. CC/HPI page freezing, notably with either long content or quick page change
  2. Patient information, after manually typed in, not appearing to be saved. (The information was saved, and appeared if the application was re-launched or the chart was uploaded)

A new version with some additional internal changes and new functionality for our remote administration of mobile is slated for the next couple months. Another with the pending NEMSIS v3 updates is to follow later in the year.

New Patient Problem & Next Version Update


A problem was reported to us at the end of July and mentioned by another user in our forums yesterday. The problem revolves around entering a new patient (not importing) and it not appearing to save. We’re looking into it.

For now if it occurs, please make sure you have the latest version v3.7.3.1 (not v3.7.1) and that you have done a clean full installation of mobile.

By clean & full, please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Downloaded the FULL version off the website.
  • Removed “emsCharts Mobile” from the computer via the Control Panel and Uninstall a program.
  • Reboot the computer
  • Ensure no files exist in your C:\Program Files\emsCharts Mobile v3 (or C:\Program Files (x86)\emsCharts Mobile v3 or other directory you selected) folder, unless of course you were instructed to save off the database (emsChartsMobile.sdf) file.
  • Install the newly downloaded version of emsCharts as a computer administrator.
  • Reboot the computer
  • Install any Windows Updates on the computer
  • Reboot

There is no need for a clean format of any computer or hard drive.

The next version is planned for late September, but the longer-than-expected NEMSIS v3 compliance process may delay the testing of the new version. We’ll continue to add more here as we work through the backlog of mobile items.