Mobile v3.7.3.1 Released Tuesday 3/17

On Tuesday version will be released. Here are the following changes made in this version:

1. An updated emsChartsEKGInterface.dll (v which repaired some EKG  problems from last year. This was provided to users when they ran into trouble and is now automatically included.

2. The”Reason for Failure” comments for Airway and Intubation procedures will list selected values separated by commas. In addition, a bug that didn’t remove the airway failure and complications during a delete was corrected.

3. EKG Event BPM will correctly factor into MAP field during EKG import and MAP data will be placed under “BP” field

4. On the patient page, multiple Emails and Barriers of Care have been added to match the NEMSIS v3 requirements.

5. Multiple bugs involving changing the Referring Country and County were resolved.

6. Changing hospital to EMS occasionally kept the hospital name until changed. Some other minor type-changing save problems were corrected.

7. RFT display problem corrected.

8. Mass Casualty service-level default works correctly.

9.Patient subscriber field correctly saves.

10. Allow EDC date field to go past current date.

11. Removes Attachment information from database when clicking “Delete” rather than just hiding. The web will continue to just hide when delete is pressed.

12. “No Patient” will only remove patient information rather than chart information.

13. 2 bugs fixed affecting saving patient and patient billing information.

14. Bug occurring causing a crash in some situations when times were saved.

15. If you don’t select yourself as crew, will no longer log you out, rather push back to Unit page.

To bugs recently identified are still being researched : A crash on the mileage page for Windows 8 machines and a CC/HPI crash on Windows 7 64-bit machines. We have not been able to consistently repeat these errors.