Mobile v3.7.1 and MCD

The MCD (Minor Civil Division) code, located on the Referring/Receiving section is used for PA customers for locations in WV, OH, and PA.

There is a problem for automatic populated locations where the MCD list will not load. If you see a blank MCD list for a location in WV, OH, or PA, please re-select the COUNTY (not country) and the MCD list will populate. We are aware of this issue and are getting it corrected. Thanks!

Mobile v3.7.1 Released

We have released emsCharts Mobile v3.7.1 the follow-up to version v3.1.18/20 released last March.  The release notes are available via the link provided in the last post – but have also been included in the file downloads available to the right.

As always, the Full for new users or new installations or Update is for those who have already installed mobile at least once on that same operating system.

There are 3 still-pending developments:

  • For referring/receiving EMS, the ability to add a street name, number, cross street (etc.) such as available on the web is still pending
  • Patient Email limited to one email, but will soon have multiple as the web does
  • Patient Barriers to Care was recently changed online to allow for multiple, and this will soon be available on mobile.
  • Patient Subscriber was recently added online and will soon be available on mobile.

Lastly, there is one notable update during the login process. After logging in, if the person wants to start a chart, they must set themselves on the crew via the Unit tab which is the tab that initially loads. This will prevent crews starting charts without setting themselves on the crew and “losing” charts (in this prior case, they sit on the device where only the admin would see them). If the user does not set themselves first, they will see this error message:

Unit Crew