Server Update

The mobile server was upgraded with the latest patches in preparation for the release of Mobile v3.7

We received an updated version from the developers on the 14th, reviewed, and submitted the final changes. The next version should be available near the end of the month and the release notes (what is updated) will be available this week.

Server & New Version Update

We are currently updating our servers in anticipation for the release of the new version of Mobile v3.  We apologize for any inconvenience and temporary installation or upload downtime that comes with installing the new server code. These should be in short intervals this afternoon.

The update includes an additional check for ensuring your mobile device is registered with the agency you are using it for. That means for agencies that utilize the software for multiple agencies, please use the “Register Device” button on the Admin tab to associate the device which agency you log in as.

Lastly, the newest version of mobile will be delivered for final quality assurance testing to us on April 15th. We expect within a few days of that to release the next version on this site.