v3.1.20 – Upload & EKG Updates

Version v3.1.20 has been released today. This contains updates for the following:

  • To maximize the speed of the upload process, the two types of data (chart vs.“images” aka EKG, Signatures, Attachments, etc) have always been uploaded after the chart. Version v3.1.20 improves the error logging and notifies the user if the 2nd portion of the upload failed due to a dropped internet connection or failed server connection.
  • Contains changes and improvements to the vitals trend generation for Philips monitors.
  • Adds support for the ZOLL X Series and the Propaq MD.
  • The Mobile v3 Frequently Asked Questions and Installation Manual were updated and included in the downloadable EXE files to the right. The FAQ is always available separately to the right.

Note: The version number on the Admin tab inside the application will still say v3.1.18 since this is a “patched” release to correct the above items. For technical support purposes, to verify you have v3.1.20 installed / check your version number, please see the Control Panel listing for “emsCharts Mobile v3”.

The next release scheduled for mid-April will contain NEMSIS v3 updates and suggestions made since last Fall. The list of NEMSIS v3 updates to be made to mobile and the web will be coming in the next few days. Please watch for email notifications to administrators and postings in the www.emscharts.com Forum.