Upload Connectivity & Next Version

The next version is currently being tested.  Since it includes some NEMSIS v3 updates, we are delaying the release until the website contains the same information and has been tested as well. That should be available in the next few weeks.

Next, there have been some reports of connection problems when uploading – namely with attachments/signature forms/etc which occur after the initial chart upload. Please remember to SAVE (or lock) your signatures when completing them. They do not auto-save.

In addition, I have updated some code to check the attachment connection (different than the normal chart upload connection) prior to uploading the chart. It technically is the same server, same address and same port, so it was assumed that both would always be available at the same time. No network changes are required by your staff.  We didn’t notice any problem during initial and ongoing testing, but have seen these user reports. The installation files to the right have been updated to include the new patch, however if you already have v3.1.18 installed please see the following directions.