Mobile v3.1.18 Released

The newest version of emsCharts Mobile v3 is now available.

Updates include:

  • Improved Standard Signature Form printing.
  • Corrected medication auto-comment generation including updates for “Wasted”, “Witnessed by” and “Lot”.
  • Corrected problem saving BP if using the touchscreen keyboard.
  • MAP is now editable. It will continue to auto-calculate if not edited by the user.
  • Correction to fix data validation crashes.
  • Correction to fix freezing when saving certain injury system values.
  • Correction to brachial pulse appearing if DOB is used.
  • Quick Button update: history button will be green if it can be clicked to view the history.
  • “Other” added to procedure crew dropdown box.
  • Activity Log GCS configuration setting corrected.
  • Correction to Revised Trauma Score if no Sys BP or Resp Rate entered.
  • Associated patients update: will carry over crew and time information when starting associated patient record.
  • Zoll EKG Update: Corrected a problem with the memory address storage for flash card transmission. Fixed a few minor issues when processing events for import.
  • Philips EKG Update: Fixed a few minor issues when processing trending vitals.

Prior to downloading, please remember the installation files are now executables (EXEs) and you should RUN them:

Known Issues

These will be posted in the forums and linked here when complete. In addition, we will include forthcoming NEMSIS v3 and critical care enhancements in a post to follow.