Mobile v3.1.15 Installer Update

We have included 2 installer updates for Mobile v3. First, the installer files (to the right) are now Self-Extracting Executables (.exe) instead of zip files. Therefore, if you click “RUN” when attempting to download, the files will automatically extract themselves and launch the installer.

(In the next update, after installing the application, emsCharts Mobile will automatically start and take you to the login screen)

Next, the FULL version now includes some additional files. In at least 1 customer’s installation, some additional Microsoft .NET files were required and are now included.

*NOTE* If you want to SAVE the EXE instead, please ignore any security warnings about “not normally downloading”. IE added this warning message and it should be ignored as it is not applicable.

Uploading Update: Unique Dispatch ID

Starting tomorrow, if your service is configured to do so, we will validate a unique Dispatch ID upon upload of the chart. The web configuration setting is (still) found under Configuration >> Service >> Chart at the top left. During upload, we will compare the Dispatch ID to any that exist for your service on the website. At this time, we cannot compare across devices. If the Dispatch ID already exists, the user will receive an error message on the mobile device stating that the Dispatch ID must be changed and to try the upload again.

Mobile v3.1.15 Released – Standard Signatures beta included

Yes, 3.1.15, not 3.1.14 as reported last week – the next version was delivered so we took additional time to roll out this version.

New Feature: “Standard Signatures” – new form available via the Signatures button. This form is based off of a well known and utilized 3-part medicare form. The service can configure the majority of the text as well as the authorized representative list. The signature form was created with assistance from a billing company and has been tested for correct functionality. I am currently marking it as *beta* due to the fact the PDF & Mobile print functionality is not yet completed. It currently will upload with the chart and will be available to be printed via PDF on the web early this week and via the mobile device (without reinstallation) soon afterwards. More details and configuration instructions can be found in the Support Documentation section, under TechNotes.

New Feature: the simplified 3-field “Billing Signatures” form, currently a Page 9 form on the web, has been added to the mobile software as well. It is driven off the same configuration option as the web.

New Feature: Quick Actions History and other updates. The Quick Action section was updated to provide greater feedback and provide a history of clicks. If the Quick Action allows another click, the button will turn green from light gray. If the button doesn’t allow any more clicks it will turn dark gray. Additionally, the count of actions to the immediate right of the Quick Action button will now provide a history of the clicks when pressed. Also, please remember that the sub-title is not required – if the Q/A text scrolls off the button consider eliminating unnecessary text.

*Important Update* Similar to the web, you now must type “DELETE” when deleting a chart. On the confirmation window, clicking OK without typing “DELETE” will not remove the chart.

Additional List of Updates

  • Although we provided a patch for most of the cases earlier, the software now does not display or import the time (midnight) for DOB when importing from patient lookup.
  • Page 8 custom vital labels now properly save and upload. This too we patched on the server side when it was reported, but this is the full correction.
  • Problem with some data validation caused the patient chart window to close. This was corrected by support on a per-case basis when reported. This should remove this error in its entirety.
  • MAP on Page 8 was modified to be editable as it is on the web. It will still auto-calcuate if blank when you enter a new value on the BP fields. However if a value is entered, it will not change it unless the value is removed and the BP field is re-updated. This will prevent overwriting a customized value similar to the web.
  • Lot # was corrected to allow for alphanumeric characters.
  • Improved error handling and additional error message if upload fails due to dropped internet connection.
  • Custom Exam Values can now be used in the Exam and Assessment sections. They can be configured via the Command Facility V3 Exam code table and will transfer to the mobile device. The defaults button is still under development.
  • PDF Signature Forms have been adjusted so that the resulting image size is not always as large. Most images should be approximately 512k instead of 1MB. We started with a high resolution as to not lose any quality and additional testing has shown we were able to make changes to minimize the size without losing quality.

Minor / Visual Updates

  • Additional correction to the scrolling of the injuy cause box. Only a visual problem, did not affect charting.
  • Minor visual change when moving from a menu item to the Activity Log or Signatures button, the background will now shift from light blue to gray.
  • When using Protocol slide-out window, the default protocol is now listed in the right dropdown box.
  • Labs pop-up keyboard removed since there is already a built-in keyboard on the window.
  • Cardiac Cardioversion, Defibrillation, and Pacing values now have the “Joules” and “ma” units displayed similar to the web.

Known Issues / Pending Development Items will be found in the forums.