Mobile v3.1.7 Released

Last week we delayed v3.1.6 due to additional corrections that needed addressed. Mobile v3.1.7 includes these last minute updates and can now be downloaded to the right.


  •  RSQ 911 field addition
  • Reverse Trip now carries over Meds/Allergies/PMHX, Patient Billing Information, and Exam & Burns information
  • Tail number correctly carries over to the web
  • Hidden NPP Forms no longer appear in mobile
  • Length Based Tape Measure display was corrected (broken in v3.1.5),
  • CAD import now imports comments to HPI correctly instead of CC field
  • Neonatal Parent Blood Type now saves in correct field.
  • Problem with deleting associated patient’s parent chart not updating sub-chart is now corrected. This caused problems when printing the child chart and uploading (relative foreign key error)
  • Total Mileage field appeared regardless of “Loaded” only configuration setting. This was corrected.
  • Prior Meds can now save a text entry
  • Fishbone labs now allows up to 150 in PCO2 field.
  • Burn assessment occasional crash when adding, clearing, viewing resolved.

Known issues
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Forthcoming Features
Same as last release

Mobile v3.1.5 Released

 Workin’ on our Night Mode…

(Finally) The newest release of mobile has now been released and includes a number of fixes and a few new features that we had the developers work on for a few weeks.

  • Some services require the crews to search for a patient before adding a new one. In such cases the Add/Edit button is grayed out. Having it first confused some crews. We have now put the Patient Search button first in hopes that it stands out more.
  •  ICD9 Short functionality now available (*see known issues below)
  • Dispatch Date automatically populated when starting a chart.
  • Times no longer default to 00 minutes (new bug as of last version)
  • Fishbone Labs now allow up to 900 for PO2 and -1 in BE fields
  • Female Exam now reports Left Lower and Right Lower Abdomen assessment correctly. All others correctly reported previously.
  • Max Altitude now allows the “/” and other special characters.
  • Patient Lookup no longer caches patient summary info for similar name. For example, searching Smith would only display first result. Importing was never affected, this was only a visual problem.
  • Data Validation / Data Highlighting updated.
  • Medical/Patient Category & Dispatched As now imports correctly via CAD/Dispatch.
  • CAD/Dispatch import now respects the chart defaults and crew members.
  • Calcuate button in Chart Toolbox correctly functions.
  • Speed improvement when typing in a Patient Medication. Previously, after typing a few characters there was a noticable delay on some computers.
  • Using patient name unknown incorrectly blanked out the age. This has been corrected.
  • Authorization box now correctly displays the name of the MD referenced instead of the database ID.
  • Prior Meds saving issue now corrected.
  • New Night Mode option now available. Clicking the Moon icon (see above) either on the login page or on the main header menu switches the colour scheme to a light on dark for easy reading in dim light scenarios. This is a beta version of this feature, please report any suggestions. I’m sorry for the Bob Seger reference above.

Known Issues

  • The known issues can be found in our forums here.

Forthcoming Features

  • New signature form based on the PWW form.
  • Medical Report Builder.
  • Custom exam values and exam defaults.
  • Software auto-upgrade capability.
  • Mobile-to-Mobile transfer.

Release Delay

The release of v3.1.5 has been delayed while we research an occasional error selecting times and/or crew members with some services. This only appeared in the new v3.1.5 version which we made temporarily available. Although the right side of this page shows the links as available, I have removed the files. This post should be updated in the next few days with a release update.