How-To Seminars

Three new training seminars for Mobile v3 have been uploaded to the Training section in emsCharts at:

These are presentations that load directly in your browser and guide you through what is new in emsCharts Mobile V3 as well as installation and configuration of the new software. These are intended to be compliments to the installation PDF found in the downloads to the right. Please be sure to refer to the PDF for specifics on the EKG installation.

Mobile 3.1 + EKG Released

emsCharts Mobile v3.1 + EKG has now been released!

In addition to the EKG, updates include:

  • Ability to add custom Medications, Allergies, and non ICD9 PMHX.
  • Ability to hide “Partial Upload” [formerly Upload Chart] button from within the patient records to prevent partial uploads.
  • Ability to set the device’s automatic logout in minutes.
  • Fix to cleanly remove all patient-specific information when you remove a patient from the chart.
  • Fix to read patient category configuration options including: MVI, Injury Details, Injury Mechanism, Anatomic Location, and Category vs Dispatched As. (More to come in next release).
  • Fix for IABP to only display if Type of Service is Critical Care.
  • Fix for CAD times in other timezones.
  • Fix for larger sets of CAD records to display.
  • Fix for blanking out NPP Form.
  • Ability to directly type times & dob without hitting tab, such as 12311965 for 12/31/1965 in DOB field.
  • GCS displays as Eyes, then Verbal then Motor.
  • Ability to import information from patient search screen when no results are found. For example, if “Tom Smith” is not found then “Tom” and “Smith” are automatically used in the first and last name fields if Add/Edit is selected.
  • Cursor is automatically is placed in the patient medication box upon screen opening.
  • Add Patient button at top of screen now opens directly to patient page.
  • Fix for odd Quick Action timer sequence.
  • Fix for ETCO2 field to show up for ALS calls, not just Critical Care calls.
  • Neonatal now reads Gravida then Para.
  • Now logging user and date of deletion of charts off the mobile device.

Coming next release: Night Mode, more Admin configuration options, PMHX ICD9 Basic configuration, more defaults and the “Default” button (including for Exams), additional CAD fields, RSQ911 field and others.

Mobile 3.1 + EKG

We’re currently packaging up the new release. All the new features & bug fixes have been tested (and work!) and the documentation for the EKG installation has been written. We are finishing up the notes to the developers and it will be available on this site shortly. Thanks! [Update 6:22pm – the files are uploading]