New Version – Tuesday Jan 31st

We will have the next version of mobile available for download on Tuesday the 31st of January. The list of features & fixes will be posted on that day. **Update: Expected Release Time is early evening** Due to support issues submitted yesterday and today, we have delayed the release until tomorrow afternoon. These support issues are due to previous/current issues and are not related to newest release. However fixing these will assure a better upgrade experience.

For those still not on v3.0.12, we highly recommend you to download and install at least v3.0.12. Please see a list of features and fixed bugs at:

The EKG Module is still in beta testing. A small number of issues have been identified and we are working with customers, vendors, and developers to resolve those issues. We expect to release emsCharts Mobile 3 with the EKG Module on Tuesday, Feb. 7th.

Mobile v3.0.12 Released

The newest version of emsCharts Mobile v3 has been released today. It includes features previously mentioned in the last post (seen in the last post).

Two newly reported support items have not yet been corrected in this version:
* Choosing blank NPP Form after selecting other item, causes error.
* Problem refreshing the patient medication screen after removing patient and replacing with another.
* After upload, Page 8 Resp Effort are not carrying over correctly.
* CAD Timezone conversion issue. If your computer is in another timezone imported times will be off by incorrect conversion.

The EKG is in beta release testing stage and an announcement about its inclusion in Mobile v3 SP1 will follow this week.

Next Mobile Release – Tuesday Jan 10th

We’re releasing the next update of emsCharts Mobile v3 on Tuesday Jan 10th. This version will include updates including:

  • Enhancement to Time entry including a single-button click to populate with the current time. Also the hours/minutes values are in columns of 10.
  • Better Vitals tabbing order (across not down)
  • Patient Lookup: Last Name field is now first; Results include Age, DOB & Last 4 of SSN
  • Patient Medication window (with advanced Dose/Dose unit fields) now includes Save/Add Another option for rapid entry
  • GCS selections now include number as well as text, ie “4: Spontaneous”
  • Chart Attachment file filter will now automatically include PDF (in addition to the existing JPG/MPB/GIF)
  • BUG FIX: Reverse trip times are not improperly carried over.
  • BUG FIX: Dispatched As service setting now interpreted correctly.
  • BUG FIX: Belongings & Disaster command settings now interpreted correctly.
  • BUG FIX: Response Code fields correctly interpreted based on the Units selection.
  • BUG FIX: Occasional CAD server disconnection [Added to list: 1/10/2012]
  • The patient icon at the top of the page now correctly illustrates No Patient or Add Patient.
  • Searching for a patient and not getting any results will now provide a “No Patient Found” message.
  • Typing in a city & state THEN entering a zip will no longer remove previous entries and require a magnifying glass lookup.
  • Zip lookup now includes county name (previously gave impression of a duplicate city/state/zip combination).
  • Printing Burn & Exam Images.
  • Medical Calculator has been expanded to include more/better medication dosage calculations.
  • Rule of 9 burns now changes due to patient age.