emsCharts Mobile 3.0.8 – Wednesday

The newest release of the emsCharts Mobile software will be available for download starting Wednesday 12/13/2011. We originally planned for today, however we have decided to research a set of configuration and EKG issues and get these to the developers. Anyone who urgently needs the v3.0.8 version can contact us directly.

The download can be installed over top of (no uninstall needed) version 3.0.5+.

This version updates the following items from v3.0.6:

  • Corrects/Allows the “Required” option for the Local ID field
  • Corrects usage of Loaded Mileage on Times screen.
  • Corrects the usage of Reverse Trip (previously it linked the two charts together)
  • Resizes the GPS field on the Dispatch Page
  • Does not attempt to resize signatures when resizing the screen
  • Corrects Intubation Verification comments
  • Fixes missing zip codes (v3.0.7 corrected this, but was unreleased due to EKG issues)

More information to follow on the EKG inclusion.