emsCharts Mobile v3 Downloads

The newest version which corrects problems with quick action buttons, popup lists and mouse usage, missing counties in the referring and left/right eye assessment image is available below.

If you didn’t install v3.0.5, UNINSTALL other versions of v3 FIRST (this will delete the database). The SETUP.EXE will let you install over the existing 3.0 version of mobile, but due to limited user problems with versions prior to 3.0.5, it is required to completely reinstall.

  1. Download newest version from the right.
  2. Go to control panel and uninstall emsCharts Mobile v3
  3. Run the SETUP.EXE in this download.
  4. Continue to setup database as computer administrator. Once database is created, standard users can utilize.
We are currently working on and testing various monitors for the EKG module. There cannot be any exact timeline on how long this will take as it will be the first version by the developers and we will need to test against the various EKG hardware providers. We will update as we know more.